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October 31, 2006

1st smiles caught on camera

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Here are some of Sofia’s first smiles caught on camera.   She was communicating with Grandma Gordon aka GG.

s 4th week 003_3_1.jpg

s 4th week 002_2_1.jpg

s 4th week 001_1_1.jpg

October 24, 2006

4 weeks already!!!

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It is unbelievable that Sofia is already 4 weeks old.   Tomorrow will be her offical 1 month date.   Time has been a blur; Angie and I have really made an effort to enjoy all the moments we can.   We took Sofia out to the mall for the first time this past weekend.   She slept through most of it with the occasional loud fart which I was proud to take the credit for when people looked.  🙂

She has just started to smile at us which is a very special feeling.   We will try to get a picture of this but these moments are hard to capture and more important to experience.   Pics below…..

3rd week and nursery 016_1_1.jpg

Ready for my car trip!!!

3rd week and nursery 018_2_1.jpg

Dad being manly in the mall pushing baby stroller.

October 17, 2006

Tummy Time and a Visit to Sofia’s Room

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This weekend Sofia got to visit the room Angie and I spent endless hours working on for her before she arrived.   She is still in our room at night and will be until she sleeps thru the night (her room is upstairs).   We also took some fun pictures of tummy time.   This is basically time Sofia spends on her belly trying to fight gravity with her developing neck muscles.   It is funny at first until she gets tired of it.   See the pics…..

3rd week and nursery 004_4_1.jpg

Doesn’t this look fun!

3rd week and nursery 003_3_1.jpg

I’ve just about had enough

3rd week and nursery 006_1_1.jpg

I like to spend the moments after tummy time to reflect

3rd week and nursery 007_2_1.jpg

Hmmmm, what shall I fuss about next.  My parents have had enough of a break.

3rd week and nursery 010_5_1.jpg This is pretty comfy

3rd week and nursery 014_7_1.jpg

Sofia’s crib and window

3rd week and nursery 013_8_1.jpg

Dormer style room

3rd week and nursery 012_9_11.jpg

Entry to Sofia’s room

3rd week and nursery 011_6_1.jpg

Sofia’s furniture

October 15, 2006


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Angie and I now find that napping is great down time for both Sofia and us.   It is funny how neither of us really were into naps before the baby.   We thank Sofia for allowing us to take naps, some parents aren’t as lucky.   She turns 3 weeks tomorrow and it has been a blur.   I’ve gone back to work and Angie has transitioned into the mother roll natually.   Here are some nap time pictures….

3rd week 007_1_1.jpg

3rd week 009_2_1.jpg

October 10, 2006

Cute outfit and 1st bath

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Sofia got her first real bath tonight in her baby tub.   She complained loudly all the way through it.   Needless to say it was not a stress free experience for baby or her parents.   We pray she learns to enjoy bathing.   Below are a couple more pictures.   Angie had Sofia in the outfit shown below when I came home from work today.   I think it is a cross between a onesie, puffy shouldered blouse, and ninja outfit.   Somehow all that = adorable in Daddy’s mind.

3rd week 006_1_1.jpg

Look at my sweet pink ninja outfit.

3rd week 003_1_1_1.jpg

YAWN!!!!, that was a good nap.

October 9, 2006

Dr.’s Visit

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Today was Sofia’s 2 week check up.   She is well past her birth weight and now weighs 9 lbs 6 ounces.   She has grown to 22 inches long.   Currently tall and lean but very healthy.   She got some blood taken for some tests (standard stuff) and really didn’t enjoy that.   Angie and I did the best we could to comfort her, but the screaming commenced for about 10 minutes. 🙁

It was brought to my attention that the format of this blog looks really bad in Internet Explorer.   I use Firefox and it works great.   I highly suggest those of you who don’t use Firefox to start.   It is free and works much better than Internet Exploder (I spelled it that way on purpose).   Look here: FireFox

Here are a couple pics of me and Sofia with my high school friend Eric Dreyer and his 2 year old daughter Reese.   Angie was nice enough to chop my head off in the pictures where Sofia was looking, of well….

2 weeks 001_2_1.jpg

Sofia was in her Longhorn outfit for the Texas OU game.
2 weeks 002_1_1.jpg

October 6, 2006

Fussy Friday

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Today Sofia was awake from 1PM until 7PM.   To date this is highly unusual as Angie and I have become more accustom to the wake up, eat, poop, and sleep patterns with an occasional half hour of alertness.   She was pretty much fussy the entire day even though Angie seemed like she was continually feeding her.   They say babies go thru miniature growth spurts where they eat more than normal but today was a little ridiculous.   I can only pray this doesn’t become commonplace.

We are also beginning to feel a little trapped in.   I can leave to run errands but Angie is on lockdown.   She’s not supposed to drive until next week, has to constantly be here in case Sofia gets hungry, and has basically lived in our bedroom with the occasional appearance in the family room with baby.   At least I can keep myself busy with chores but she can’t even do that.

I’m really just complaining on here because baby is finally asleep and I have no idea what to do with myself.   It is sad when you kind of miss the office.   At least we have visitors coming tomorrow and the Texas OU football game.   I am silly with anticipation.


October 5, 2006

Mom scares the $&*% out of Daddy

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Yesterday evening I left Angie in our bedroom to change Sofia.   I went in the office to get a little work done.   Next thing I hear is a frantic “JEFF!!!”   My first reaction is to panic so my heart dropped and I sprinted to the bedroom fearing the worse.   When I get there I see Angie and baby smiling and the evidence of projectile baby poop which had shot off the changing station onto Angie’s pajamas and our comforter.   After we laughed together and cleaned up, I explained to Angie that shreiking my name may cause me bodily injury while I sprint from wherever I am to where she is. 🙂

Below are a few more pictures to enjoy:

2 weeks 001_1_1_1.jpg

Sofia and her piggy bank

Nap time

s 2nd week 001_1_1_1.jpg

October 2, 2006

Sofia Arrives!

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This will be our attempt to keep everyone up to date with our parenthood experience.

Sofia arrived September 25th and changed our lives forever.   I’ve heard several times the feelings you have towards your child are overwhelming and hard to explain.   I am amazed at how Angie and I immediately fell in love with her and everything about her.   We named her Sofia Alexandra Gordon for no particular reason other than Angie and I really like it.   We think it suits her well.

We brought Sofia home Thursday the 28th.   Our two dogs Flash and Lola were not thrilled with the new addition but have quickly adopted her.   The German Shepherd is the first to become concerned if she is distressed and lets mom and I know it.   Below are some of the pictures we have taken since her birth.   Either Angie or myself will try to keep this up to date.   Thanks for reading!


Sofia Birthday 023_1_12.jpg

1st Diaper

Sofia Birthday 036_5_1.jpg

Proud Daddy

Sofia Birthday 033_4_1.jpg

Happy Mom

s 1st week 021_3_1.jpg

Sofia’s 1st car ride home

s 1st week 029_1_1.jpg

Helping Dad Work on this Blog

s 1st week 025_2_1.jpg

Cute Outfit

s 1st week 037_4_1.jpg

I love my swing!!!

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