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October 5, 2006

Mom scares the $&*% out of Daddy

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Yesterday evening I left Angie in our bedroom to change Sofia.   I went in the office to get a little work done.   Next thing I hear is a frantic “JEFF!!!”   My first reaction is to panic so my heart dropped and I sprinted to the bedroom fearing the worse.   When I get there I see Angie and baby smiling and the evidence of projectile baby poop which had shot off the changing station onto Angie’s pajamas and our comforter.   After we laughed together and cleaned up, I explained to Angie that shreiking my name may cause me bodily injury while I sprint from wherever I am to where she is. 🙂

Below are a few more pictures to enjoy:

2 weeks 001_1_1_1.jpg

Sofia and her piggy bank

Nap time

s 2nd week 001_1_1_1.jpg

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