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January 27, 2008

Sofia adjusting to school

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Sofia seems to do well in her new environment.  It has been a difficult couple weeks.  Sofia caught a virus, then an eye infection all while having several teeth come in.  She hasn’t been in the best of moods the last week or so.  She is still getting over a little cough.  Her teachers tell us she is doing well in class but she is very attached to her blankie which stays near or around her mouth the entire day.  This makes for a pretty gross object after 7 hours.  We are attempting to break her of this but it has been difficult, especially because she is not feeling like herself.

Below are some picture we took while Sofia was snacking on gold fish over last weekend.  She is starting to look so big to us in pictures.





January 13, 2008

Transition for Sofia and her parents

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Tomorrow will be Sofia’s first day at school (pre-pre school) for toddlers.  As many of you know, Janee’ has been caring for Sofia during the week days for the past year.  It was time for Sofia to transition into a toddler program.  Janee’ has done a wonderful job over the last year and we find comfort knowing Sofia will still have plenty of opportunities to see her and her two daughters (Emma and Lauren.)

Angie and I feel very good about the school we found which is close by the house.  Dad will drop her off at 8:15, probably stay and play with her for 15 minutes, then go to work.  Mom plans on leaving work early at 4:30 to pick up Sofia before 5.  This schedule ultimately allows us more time to spend with her during the week.  As parents we have tons of anxiety about leaving our daughter in new surroundings, but know it will pass once we see she is happy and comfortable at school.  I will update the blog later this week and make sure to let everyone know how it is going.

See recent pictures below….

sofia-15-months_10.JPGPlaying with Mom




sofia-15-months_15.JPGMy favorite (and loudest) toy!f

sofia-15-months_17.JPGSLAM DUNK!!!!

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