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November 26, 2006

Her 1st Thanksgiving Sofia decides to start sleeping through the night!

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Sofia’s Grandfather and Grandmother in law came to visit for Thanksgiving.  Sofia put on a good show and for the most part and behaved while they were here.  This includes sleeping upstairs in her room through the night each night!  Mom and dad hope this streak continues.  It is quite a nice change of pace from the 3AM wake up call.  See the pictures below….

Sofia 8 weeks_05_5.JPG
Me with Grandma Gordon

Sofia 8 weeks_11_1.JPG

Me with Grandpa Gordon

Sofia 8 weeks_10_2.JPG

With Grandma Dettmann

Sofia 8 weeks_07_4.JPG
With Mommy and Daddy.  What happened to Daddy’s head?

Sofia 8 weeks_08_3.JPG

Hangin in my swing.

November 18, 2006

Size 2 Diapers!

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Sofia has made the leap into size 2 diapers!   How exciting you say?   That’s right, our girl is growing up so fast.   For Sofia size 2 diapers means she has that much more space to fill with poop which makes changing her that much more fun.

Below are the first “professional” pictures we’ve had taken of Sofia.   We had some birth announcements made so if you’d like one to put on display at your home then email me or leave a comment.

This was the 1 second I wasn’t being fussy about this.  Good thing the camera lady took the shot!


This is so comfortable.


Seriously, this isn’t fun mom and dad.

November 10, 2006

New pictures at 6 weeks

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Nothing new to report other than Sofia seems bigger on a daily basis.   It amazes me how much she has grown to date.   I know Angie does everything she can to keep up with what seems like a constant need to nurse.

We took some of our first pictures with the dogs around.   They did very well and have adjusted nicely.   It will be interesting to see how Sofia reacts to them once she really notices they are around.   Right now her concentration is centered around looking at us and making faces or starring at the ceiling.   We like to think that our faces are more interesting but sometimes the ceiling wins.

s 6th week 001_1_1.jpg

Check out my sweet jeans!

s 6th week 002_5_1.jpg

Happy girl!

s 6th week 007_3_1.jpg

Yes, that is a Christmas tree put up at the beginning of November.  I can’t breastfeed so have to find other ways to be useful.

s 6th week 004_2_1.jpg

s 6th week 008_6_1.jpg

s 6th week 012_4_1.jpg

I love Mommy’s kisses

November 2, 2006


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Although Sofia didn’t actually leave the house during Halloween mainly because she felt a need to nurse every 30 minutes, it was still fun to dress up.   Thanks to Grandma Nelcy for buying her this cute kangaroo outfit.   She was all smiles in it for the first 5 minutes.   Angie and I got about 15 trick or treaters at our new house.   We have 5 lbs of candy left over.   I foresee weight gain in our immediate future.

s 4th week 012_1_1.jpg

s 4th week 016_2_1.jpg

s 4th week 022_3_1.jpg

s 4th week 024_6_1.jpg

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