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July 29, 2008

Joshua is already 4 weeks

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We have found time moves at warp speed now that we have a toddler and an infant to look after.  Where does the time go?  Josh is 4 weeks old today.  He was recently diagnosed with reflux which explains many of his issues with spitting up, not being able to sleep well after eating, and constant fussing.  He has medication now and it looks like we are seeing improvement.  We hope this passes as it does for many kids.  Angie seems to have gotten into a rhythm having both of them at home all day.

Below are pics from the past couple weeks….





joshua-3-weeks-7-22-2008-7-54-52-pm.JPGNotice how helpful Sofia is while putting together Josh’s room




July 20, 2008

Sofia pictures

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Sofia is quickly approaching 22 months and seems to have fully accepted Josh into the family.  We have yet to see any major signs of jealousy.  Sofia seems to be anxious for Josh to get older and more interesting.  Angie is still at home with both of them during the week and is doing well even though she is sleep deprived.

sofia-21-months-7-4-2008-4-22-05-pm.JPGresearching little brothers online

sofia-21-months-7-7-2008-4-43-34-pm.JPGwake up and play with me Josh!

sofia-21-months-7-12-2008-5-47-09-pm.JPGThis kid sleeps a lot!


July 13, 2008

Josh at a couple weeks

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Josh if proving to be somewhat challenging.  He sometimes goes all days fussing and wanting to eat, but at other times can take long power naps.  Now if we can just figure out how to adjust the power naps to night time we’d be home free!  Angie is struggling with a much more difficult recovery but we think she is about to turn the corner.  See latest pictures below…







July 3, 2008

Sofia as a big sister

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We find it unbelievable that our little girl is actually a big sister. It is amazing how well she has taken to Joshua. She can’t wait to see him in the morning and says “nite nite” to him before going to bed. It is going much better than expected. Dad goes back to work next week so it may become much more challenging when Sofia wants attention and Angie has to take care of Joshua. We think (hope) she’ll adjust.








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