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November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

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Thanksgiving was a good time this year. We like to think everyone enjoyed themselves. Those in attendance were Grandpa Gordon and Suzi (all the way from Florida), Abuelita Gordon and Robert, Bill and Donna Hallett, Uncle Jason and Angela, and of course us. Sofia was glad to have all the company at the house (more people to play with.) Angie spent hours preparing the meal which turned out wonderful. There were several parties, who will remain unnamed, that passed out on the couch afterwards. See pics:

thanksgiving-2007_21.JPGThe preparation

thanksgiving-2007_13.JPGBird’s eye view1

thanksgiving-2007_14.JPGBird’s eye view of old guys

thanksgiving-2007_07.JPGDad looks so hot with his new hair cut, and younger as well

thanksgiving-2007_10.JPGReading with Tio Jason

thanksgiving-2007_04.JPGShowing off my coloring skills to Jason and Angela

img_0057.JPGPlaying withUncle Jason and Angela

thanksgiving-2007_31.JPGWith Abuelita Gordon

thanksgiving-2007_05.JPGSofia is ready to play – watch out for the crayons

thanksgiving-2007_37.JPGFlash thanks Jason for paying attention to him and his ball

thanksgiving-2007_49.JPGTime to eat

img_6138.JPGDinner at the young kids table

thanksgiving-2007_62.JPGSofia is sad because Dad refuses to shave and Grandpa Gordon is about to leave

thanksgiving-2007_65.JPGWith Grandpa Gordon and Suzi

thanksgiving-2007_58.JPGMom’s flip flops don’t quite fit yet – everyone has gone home

Setting up Christmas tree before Thanksgiving

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Sofia was a great help setting up the Christmas tree this year.  We did this the week before Thanksgiving as we had family and friends coming in from out of town.  See the fun below:

christmas-tree-2007_06.JPGlights muy bonita!

christmas-tree-2007_09.JPGcircling the tree

christmas-tree-2007_15.JPGFlash and Lola guard the ornaments

November 7, 2007

Sofia is getting a sibling!!!

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It has now been confirmed that sometime in the middle of June 2008 Sofia will have a big surprise.  Mommy is pregnant.  See below for first pictures of Sofia’s 8 week old sibling.



November 5, 2007


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Mom was ready to get Sofia’s ears pierced.  Dad was not.  Dad finally agreed but was not willing to be present while a stranger stabbed a hole in each of his daughter’s ears.  Janee’ went with mom to the mall this past Sunday afternoon.  Sofia did well and only cried for a minute.  They were smart enough to do both ears at once.

Dad does have to admit that Sofia looks just that much cuter.


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