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August 25, 2008

Scare with Josh

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We had a little scare with Josh last week when he took a tumble in front of the house.  After a super fun family trip to the hospital (more precautionary than anything else), we were assured he is okay.  Josh continues to look bigger every day.  Today was his 2 month check up and he is still off the chart.

josh-2-months-8-23-2008-12-28-28-pm.JPGWe get this face a lot

josh-2-months-8-13-2008-10-55-46-am.JPGWith Molly and Meredith

josh-2-months-8-19-2008-1-27-23-pm.JPGAlmost smiling



“Sofia pretty”

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Our friend’s daughter, Molly, was finally able to put pony tails in Sofia’s hair by telling her it looked pretty. Now Sofia asks for pony tails by saying “Sofia pretty!”.








August 10, 2008

Pics with Daddy

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Josh will be 7 weeks old Tuesday. He continues to be fussy but has shown some improvement as of late. Josh moved upstairs to his room tonight which was a major accomplishment for his parent’s sanity. He is sleeping well at night.

josh-2-months-8-1-2008-6-54-57-pm-8-9-2008-12-58-21-pm.JPGMommy calls this one pathetic

josh-2-months-8-1-2008-6-54-57-pm-8-1-2008-6-55-32-pm.JPGWhat a couple handsome guys


Sofia having fun…

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Sofia has learned to entertain herself when Mommy is busy with Josh (like she had a choice).  We are both impressed with how well she is doing – we remember having all this anxiety prior to Josh being born about how she might (or might not) accept sharing our attention.  Below are some pictures of Sofia having fun…

sofia-22-months-8-2-2008-8-18-38-pm.JPGsunglasses inside



sofia-22-months-8-8-2008-5-02-59-pm.JPGentertaining Josh

sofia-22-months-8-10-2008-6-47-50-pm.JPGwith Cousin Robert (right) and friend

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