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January 30, 2007

Planes, NYC, and a Hotel Stay

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This past weekend Sofia and her brave parents took a plane trip to NYC to see her step Uncle Bobby get married. The plane ride was rather brutal as expected. For some reason Sofia did not particularly enjoy the build up and drop in pressure associated with taking off and landing. We were those parents with a screaming baby. Other than that she did okay. Slept a lot on the way there, not so much on the way back. We found changing a diaper on a plane both challenging and exciting. We chose to just do this in our seats as opposed to the claustrophobic bathroom.
Angie’s mother (Nelcy) accompanied us so we could attend the wedding. Having a baby wake up crying in a hotel room at 7AM makes for crabby next door neighbors. Lucky for us, Jason and his girlfriend were in the room next to us. I feel sorry for the people on the other side.
Family who met Sofia for the first time oohh’d and aahh’d over how beautiful she was which we always love to hear! The wedding was wonderful and we congratulate Bobby and Laura Horne on a wedding very well done! We also want to thank Nelcy for coming with us and taking care of Sofia while we attended the wedding. She did a wonderful job with her.

I’ve discovered how to make the pictures below into actual links so you can now click on them and enlarge. ENJOY!


Dad knows this isn’t going to be fun….

sofia-4-months_03.JPG Hi, I have blue eyes

sofia-4-months_04.JPG Meeting my Great Aunt Jill
sofia-4-months_06.JPG Sofia and Uncle Jason

sofia-4-months_08.JPG Sofia with Grandpa Gordon

sofia-4-months_10.JPG I suspect Mom and Dad are going somewhere. They look nice.

sofia-4-months_12.JPG Sofia and Uncle Bobby (the groom)

sofia-4-months_22.JPG Back at home with my piggy bank

January 20, 2007

Changes for Sofia & visit from Uncle Jason

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Angie and I moved Sofia out of daycare because we weren’t quite prepared for the stress of leaving her with strangers all day that had no real emotional attachment to her.  We did it for a week and couldn’t take much more.  We approached the Fosters (friends that live very nearby).  Janee Foster has agreed to watch Sofia for us during the day.  Angie and I are very happy with this situation as Janee has two girls of her own that Sofia gets to play with.  Sofia seems very happy with the situation also.

This week Uncle Jason met Sofia for the first time.  She warmed right up to him and we think he likes her also.  Jason has been in Japan for the past couple years.  Check out the pics below.

Next week we take Sofia on her first airplane trip to NYC.  We are going to see my stepbrother get married.  While we are looking forward to the trip, there is the fear of having a screaming baby on a 4 hour plane ride.

Smiling for Uncle Jason


Sleeping for Uncle Jason


My new bumba


Party Time!


Play Time


Sofia’s perspective

January 7, 2007

Hands and Mouth

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Sofia has made the thrilling discovery of her hands and believes their main purposed is to shove her toys into her mouth.  It is fun to watch!  She is also making many noises ranging from rasberries to high pitched screams of joy.  Our favorite are the sweet coos and ahhhhs that tell us she is happy and content.

Uncle Jason will meet Sofia for the first time this Friday.  We are excited for him to meet her and hope he has prepared himself for changing diapers.  Jason is currently teaching English in Japan among other things.  We hope one day he’ll come back home and hang around for more than a couple months before jetting off to some other part of the world.  As always some favorite recent pictures below.


In my favorite bouncer



I”m almost sure I can fit this entire bee in my mouth


With my singing ladybug


January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

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As the idea of it actually being 2007 sinks in, we realize how grateful we are for everything we have been blessed with, especially Sofia.  She has brought so much warmth into our lives and we know 2007 will be a year of change for her.  Just thinking of how much she will grow and change is amazing.  We try to hold on to every moment we have.  Time seems to slip by faster and faster as our lives (and brains) grow fuller.
To all the fans of Sofia’s blog, below is one of our favorite pictures taken Dec 31st at Kiddie Kandids.  They do good work.  If you’d like a copy of this print just let us know.  This is Sofia’s 3 month portrait.

Sofia 3 months single shot.jpg

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