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February 26, 2007

5 Months Old

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Wow!  Sofia turned 5 months last weekend.  Our lives as parents has been turned upside down and now life seems to move at hyper speed.  I remember when there used to be times I’d be sitting around wondering what to do with myself.  Those times are long gone.  Now we have beautiful Sofia in our lives.  We love her more than anything in the world but she demands attention at all times which we dare not deny her.

Grey Sargent came to visit this weekend.  He is 9 months old and already walking.  Check the pics below…

Play time! Play time after my bath

sofia-5-months_16.JPG Shreiking fun!!!

sofia-5-months_12.JPG what is this kid doing in my stuff?

sofia-5-months_07.JPG Yummy

February 19, 2007

Sofia meets the Halletts

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Good friends of the family were in town this weekend and met Sofia for the first time. She was well behaved, smiled, and avoided the dreaded meltdown. Bill and Donna Hallett have known Jeff since he was a baby. Now they know Jeff as a Daddy.

Sofia’s progression on a weekly basis is amazing to watch. It seems like just last week she knowingly grabs for things she wants, can completely hold her self up with her arms when on her stomach, and constantly talks to you or her toy (whichever will listen). She seems sooo big now. Dad and Mom predict crawling within 2~3 months.

Pictures with the Halletts below….

img_0766.JPG Sofia and Donna

img_0768.JPG Donna and Bill with Sofia

February 12, 2007

Sofia visits Jake and the Dallas Aquarium

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Sofia and parents had a fun filled action packed weekend. Saturday we went to visit the Garcia’s and their son Jake. He is 4 days older than Sofia. He’s a big boy! While moms and babies played inside, Jake and Sofia’s dad grilled outside and managed to incinerate a whole Christmas tree in one of those outdoor ceramic fireplaces. Good times. We were very surprised the Fire department didn’t stop by to pay us a visit. Christmas trees burn fast and makes lots of smoke and sparks.

Sunday brought fun adventures at the Dallas Aquarium with the Depots and their son Dylan. Sofia and Dylan toured the entire aquarium strapped to the chest of his/her dad. There was hardly any crying or complaining, they both seemed to enjoy it. We will be planning more fun outings in the future. It was a nice change of scenery. Check out the pics below…..

sofia-4-months_47.JPG Sofia eyeballing Jake’s toy

sofia-4-months_52.JPGPlaying nice


sofia-4-months-at-aquarium_54.JPG Two words: Stud muffins

sofia-4-months-at-aquarium_62.JPG Sofia was fascinated by this friendly duck

sofia-4-months_40.JPG Hi mr singing ladybug

sofia-4-months_41.JPG Look! I can hold myself up!

February 5, 2007

Exersaucer and the return of sleep deprivation

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Every growing baby needs an exersaucer.  Entertainment for minutes until the over stimulation causes a meltdown.  Sofia really enjoys it in limited amounts of time.

Sofia has learned how to turn over which she has fun performing in her crib at night.  The last couple weeks have been fun 3AM wake up calls when she realized she’s either stuck and doesn’t like the position she’s gotten herself in.  Since Sofia is already up she figures Mommy wouldn’t mind nursing her for 20 minutes.  Good times!!!

Click pics to enlarge…




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