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March 26, 2007

Sofia hits 6 months

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This past Sunday Sofia turned 6 months old.  That’s half a freaking year.  Angie and I look back on the blur that was her infancy and recognize the changes that are happening right in front of our eyes.  Sofia is becoming very curious about her surroundings and wants to interact with everything she sees.  A current favorite is the crunchy sound the baggy that holds her wipes makes.

At her 6 month check up she weighed in at 17 lbs 1 ounce and is 26.75 inches tall.  She is in the 75% for weight and 80% for height.
sofia-6-months_13.JPGcrawling on Dad’s lap
sofia-6-months_19.JPGswinging with Mom


sofia-6-months_27.JPGkeeping track of funds


Baby CPR

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Sofia shows her aptitude towards human welfare and what is an obvious interest in the medical field as she demonstrates CPR on this doll…


March 18, 2007

Playtime with Mom and Dad before bed

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We now have a night time play ritual. We go upstairs into Sofia’s playroom and party before bedtime. By “party” I mean sit around and try to keep Sofia entertained with her toys. She crawls on the them, tries to eat them, crawls on us, makes us laugh, etc… We do this until Sofia enters crabby mode, this is an immediate sign that it is time for a bath and then bedtime. Bedtime is sometimes challenging because the battle to get Sofia’s jammies on can be quite a struggle. By this time she is sometimes loudly verbally protesting. This whole ordeal is a delicate process in which timing is critical. When done just right it is a thing of beauty and Sofia goes to sleep right as her head hits the crib without much fuss. Below are some playtime pics…






March 11, 2007

Sofia tries solids and gets a visit from Aunt Jamie Mark

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This week we braved the unknown and fed Sofia some baby oatmeal cereal.  Overall it went very well besides the incredible mess.  Unfortunately babies don’t automatically know how to eat food so most of it ends up on their cloths, face, hands, high chair, you get the idea.  It was an exciting experience nonetheless.

Aunt Jamie was in town to organize a fashion show at Northpark Mall.  She made time to come visit us all which we all enjoyed.  See pics…..


sofia-5-months_36.JPGjust give me the spoon mom, I can handle this

sofia-5-months_43.JPGfor my next trick, I will sit up on my own!

sofia-5-months_44.JPGwith Aunt Jamie

March 4, 2007

New Toys

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Mom and Dad continue to be suckers and get me new toys almost weekly.  This week I scored big with a jumperoo and my own little play fort.  Check out my pic below.





sofia-5-months_31.JPGSofia’s new palace

sofia-5-months_33.JPGYes, I’m on the verge of crawling.  My parents thought I keep them busy now, they have no idea!

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