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September 23, 2007

No more crawling

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Sofia has reached the point where walking is now her preferred method of transportation.  She will crawl occasionally when playing, but loves standing up and walking to move around.  Mommy or Daddy’s hand is always welcome to assist but not at all necessary anymore.  Check the pics below…..



September 18, 2007

Some cute pics and party planning

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Sofia is now walking on her own. Stands up, walks, falls down, gets up again, repeat. She can make it clear across any room on a good day. Mom and Dad are busily preparing for Sofia’s 1st birthday party which looks to be a big one. We find it interesting to reflect on the stress involved trying to pull off a successful party with 20+ kids between the ages of 1 and 4. The things we do as parents. 🙂
Sofia turns 1 on Sept 25th and the big party will be on the 29th. There will be plenty of fun party pics posted afterwards. For now you’ll have to settle for these two shots in Dad’s office.

sofia-11-months_75.JPGCheck out my sweet purse!


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