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April 22, 2007

6 month professional photos

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Here they are.  If you’d like one all you have to do is email us (link is on the right of the page) with the address you’d like it sent to and which photo below you like the best.  Don’t miss out of one of these precious photos to call your very own.

sofia-kiddie-kandids-6-months_1.jpgSofia Photo 1

sofia-kiddie-kandids-6-months_2-1.jpgSofia photo 2

sofia-kiddie-kandids-6-months_3-1.jpgSofia photo 3

sofia-kiddie-kandids-6-months_4-1.jpgSofia photo 4

sofia-kiddie-kandids-6-months_5.jpgSofia photo 5

April 17, 2007

Sofia sick for the 1st time

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Sofia got her first case of some flu like virus this past weekend.  We battled with her temperature all weekend and had a fun trip to Children’s Medical Center Saturday evening on advise of our pediatrician.  That was 3 hours that we’ll never get back just to be told that it is probably just a virus she is fighting off and not anything to be overly concerned about.  Sometimes the level of service you get from medical offices just astounds me.  3 hours?!?  Really?  They didn’t look all that busy and keeping Sofia entertained while not feeling good in a couped up exam room was no walk in the park.

Anyway, she is better now and her temperature seems to be back under control so mom and dad are relieved.  Attached are some pictures of Sofia and Dad…




April 10, 2007

Easter present

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For Easter this year Sofia gave Mom and Dad the gift of crawling.  As of the time I write this (a week later), Sofia has become an expert crawler.  Watching and playing with her have evolved into a whole new realm.  Soon safety gates will decorate the hallways!

Enjoy the pictures

sofia-6-months_50.JPGcuddle time with Mommy

sofia-6-months_74.JPGkisses from “Da Da”

sofia-6-months_68.jpgon the move

sofia-6-months_65.JPGwith Grandma Dettmann

sofia-6-months_57.JPGplaying with Helen Nauman

sofia-6-months_56.JPGPosing with Gramps Dettmann

April 1, 2007

Sloppy eating

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No need to state the obvious, you can simple click on the pictures below.  Eating has not become any cleaner but the food has become more of a mess.  For instance take carrots……




sofia-6-months_34.JPGwhy not get my feet involved?

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