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September 4, 2012

August 2012 – Kindergarten begins

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Sofia has started kindergarten.  She likes it so far although notably different than her Montessori environment.  It is bittersweet for us to see her grow up and take such a big step school wise.  A tear or two was shed dropping her off on the first day.  Her teacher is new but seems really nice and motivated to teach.  Sofia lost two bottom teeth the Friday before school started – the dentist had to help them come out but worth it because tooth fairly paid off big!

Josh remains at Montessori until next summer when we will decide if he’s ready for kindergarten yet.  He will be eligible but would be youngest in his class.  Abuelita Gordon and a new nanny (we are extremely comfortable with) alternate picking Josh and Sofia up at 3PM and bring them back to house.

Soccer season is about to start and both kids are pumped and really into it this season.  Sofia is also doing gymnastics while Josh takes private swim lessons.  We are all adjusting to the new fall schedule and welcome some cooler weather.

Pics below are primarily surround Sofia and 1st day of school, but you can spot Josh is one of them if you look close!

On another note Mommy and Daddy celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary today – YEAH!

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