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July 5, 2009

Josh’s 1st Birthday

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Josh had a great time at his 1st birthday and was plenty worn out by the end of the day.  He thanks all of those who came to celebrate.  Click thumbnails below for larger pics……

img_9545.jpg img_9548.jpg img_9549.jpgimg_9553.jpgimg_9555.jpg img_9563.jpgimg_9565.jpg

img_9571.jpgimg_9580.jpgimg_9585.jpgimg_9588_2.jpgimg_9617.jpgimg_9627.jpgimg_9640.jpgimg_9642.jpgimg_9643.jpgimg_9648.jpgimg_9650.jpgimg_9654.jpgimg_9664.jpg img_9665.jpgimg_9667.jpgimg_9692.jpgimg_9695.jpgimg_9696.jpgimg_9699.jpgimg_9723.jpgimg_9732.jpgimg_9735.jpgimg_9736.jpg

img_9752.jpg img_9762.jpgimg_9763.jpgimg_9766.jpgimg_9767.jpgimg_9774.jpgimg_9779.jpg

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