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December 26, 2006

More Christmas Photos

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Christmas was rather quiet.  Christmas Eve was just Sofia, Mom, Dad, and the dogs.  It was nice though.  Christmas day we went to Great Uncle Bill’s house so Sofia could meet her second cousins.

Lately Sofia has become upset easily if anyone holds her besides Mom or Dad.  This is obviously a concern seeing as how she is about to start day care in a couple weeks.  Dad will be taking her by the daycare a couple times this week so she can become more accustomed to the care providers there.  We don’t want her freaking out her first day when she realizes Mom and Dad aren’t within eye shot.  The following week she will start half days at daycare, then Angie’s mom will pick her up and take care of her in the afternoons.  We are hoping this will help ease this transition.  Of course the day care people tell us she’ll be fine and it is always the parents that freak out.  I hope that is the case, because we are certainly freaking out!

Enjoy more Christmas photos below.

Christmas 2006_42_11.JPG

Christmas Eve at home by the fireplace

Christmas 2006_46_10.JPG

Christmas 2006_49_9.JPG

Christmas 2006_67_6.JPG

Opening presents is fun!!

Christmas 2006_68_5.JPG

Christmas 2006_77_4.JPG

Maybe I’ll just eat the bow

Christmas 2006_62_7.JPG

Flash opening his present

Christmas 2006_59_8.JPG

Lola trying to figure out what we want her to do with the pretty box

Christmas 2006_82_1.JPG

Sofia and 2nd cousin Melissa

Christmas 2006_81_2.JPG

With my Great Uncle Bill

Christmas 2006_79_3.JPG

With Great Aunt Qurisha

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  1. Great Pictures…very Christmasy 🙂
    See you soon!

    Comment by Jason — December 28, 2006 @ 6:56 pm

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